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Special garments need special attention! Everyone knows that: we all have a special piece hanging in the closet that is either a bit more expensive (because it is high quality and / or fair fashion, for example) or harder to find (from a second hand store) – but we wear it far too seldomly! Often we only see one option to style such eyecatchers. Today I want to show you how you can simply style a piece in three different ways.

It is sometimes difficult for me to put together special and colorful outfits, especially in winter. That’s why I usually focus on the all-black-everything-style, which I’ve combined with the perfect fall color today.

Disclaimer: By the way, the jacket is a free PR sample from Jyoti, a label that I can highly recommend! Jyoti is a nonprofit fair-fashion company, which means that 100% of the profits go back to the sewing workshop in India. So with your purchase you support fair trade. More here on the Jyoti website.

I was not paid for this blogpost, but since I want to support the label, I chose this cardigan in the color curry from their autumn and winter collection to create a few outfits. The cotton fabric is woven by hand in a cooperative from the organization Dastkar Andhra and has small irregularities because it is made through traditional production on the hand loom, which give it a unique structure. The cardigan is then sewn in Jalaya in the Jyoti sewing workshop in Chittapur. But now to the individual outfits and details:

Look 1: Simple Cardigan Style

This is the way you would normally style the jacket, I think. I just pulled it directly over an already relatively warm outfit consisting of black skinny jeans and a black turtleneck sweater. In addition, a plaid scarf and a black wool-hot and you have the perfect warm, cuddly autumn outfit.


Look 2 – Kimono Style

This look is my personal favorite look! With a wide belt (which I have taken off my jungle folk dress, by the way), the cardigan takes on a completely different shape and therefore the outfit has a completely different style! I rolled up my sleeves a bit, put the jacket on and then wrapped the belt loosely around my waist several times. Together with my over-the-top boots from Beyond Skin (which I can recommend, by the way!), the whole outfit looks much more stylish than the first!


Look 3: Layer Up

For very, very cold days this cardigan is perfect as an extra layer. The hand woven cotton fabric is so sturdy, but does not feel heavy or thick and the color provides a nice, sunny, yet autumnal look under my black, thick cardigan!

I hope I was able to inspire you to add some color to your fall and winter outfits! Which outfit do you like the best? Take a look at Jyoti, maybe there is something for you!

I also took a short video with the jacket and those outfits, I hope you like it:

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  1. Das Label Jyoti ist mir auch schon aufgefallen. In der letzten Sommerkollektion gab es ein paar sehr schöne Stücke. Danke für den Hinweis auf den Pop-up-Store! Das war mir neu…
    Deine Idee, aus der Jacke einen Kimono zu machen, ist wirklich gut! Das sieht klasse aus. Overnees sind nicht so mein Ding, aber das kann man ja auch anders tragen. An den anderen beiden Outfits gefällt mir, dass durch den Schal bzw. die Schuhe noch weitere Farben dazu kommen (aber auch nicht zu viele). Das macht die Outfits noch interessanter.
    viele Grüße

  2. I really like the outfit with the belt 🙂 However the one with the scarf is also nice, but I would choose another one, in a bright beautiful uni colour. Prefer a scraf made out of alpaca wool. It is very soft and keeps you warm, so you don’t even have to wear a jacket. Like the inspiration!