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A few months ago, I shared with you the basic recipe for my DIY body mousse. Today I would like to share with you a small variation, which is even more intense, as well as once again the many uses for the cream! I have some special tips for summer and curls! The cream is vegan, easy to make, long lasting and super nourishing! It is even possible to make it plastic-free or with little plastic. Disclaimer, some links are marked as Affiliate Links. What that means is explained below.

Here’s the recipe first, before I go onto how to apply it. You need:

  • about 220 g Shea Butter (which you can buy in a metal tin, or here (Affiliate Link, from the States) in bulk and you can use the big package again, or in zero waste or organic shops, or generally check Etsy for good zero waste offers, Affiliate Link) – if the shea butter is too firm, you should warm it a bit, but make sure it does not liquefy, and whip it separately from the coconut oil
  • about 100 g of coconut oil (solid, if it is liquid, put it in the fridge for a while, I always buy coconut oil in a glass, which I often reuse)
  • 1/2 teaspoon vitamin E oil (this can be bought in a glass bottle)
  • about 60 ml Jojoba oil (I buy it in a glass bottle from the organic food store, you can also use any other favorite oil, such as almond or olive)
  • approx. 20-40 drops of organic essential oil, depending on your preference, in summer I think Lemongrass is the perfect scent


Pay attention to use very clean utensils!

Preparation & shelf life

Put all the ingredients except the essential oil in a clean bowl and beat everything with a (electric) whisk until a firm, but fluffy mousse is produced. And yes, it looks delicious, haha ​​(I’ve often thought about just adding sugar and then nibbling on it, haha). I once got the feedback that the cream did not become soft or fluffy, but the shea butter remained in small lumps. It never happened to me, but if that happens to you, you could try to melt everything or just the shea butter in a water bath, cool it in the fridge and let it solidify and then re-whip it. Or you make sure that the shea butter is nice and soft before whipping and whip it separately.

Then you should pour the mousse into a glass, a can or something similar. I store the mousse dry, protected from light in a drawer and keep it cool. Since I use no water, but only oils and fats, the cream keeps very well. You will know if it’s not good anymore from if it has a rancid smell. As with all creams in jars, it is best to always take out what you need using a clean spoon. Of course you can store the cream in the fridge too, then it will be a little firmer and less fluffy. The effect is the same!


The fluffy cream is so versatile, but it is intensively nourishing. So I have a few tips on how to use it:

  1. As an in-shower cream: I currently use it in the shower as an in-shower lotion. I wash off as normal and then I put some of the whipped body butter on my wet skin. It is a bit difficult to work in on moist skin, but just rub it in thoroughly. Then you rinse off again, this time only with water and then get out of the shower. Your skin will be intensely cared for, but without a thick, oily film.
  2. As Intensive Conditioner for Curls: Lately, I’ve had really dry locks. They are currently curling much more than they used to, which, however, deprives them of moisture. In addition, I’m currently trying to grow my hair out a bit. That’s why I need intensive care. In addition to a few other DIYs I also use the whipped body butter for my hair. I put some of the cream on my washed and wet hair and spread it like conditioner through my hair. That is, I “comb” the cream with my fingers through my curls to the root. I leave it in for a few minutes. I usually get out of the shower, dry myself and then just rinse my hair with cold water. This way my hair does not look oily or stringy (happens to me quickly with oily products), but is intensely cared for. I then wrap my hair for a few minutes to dry in a cotton T-shirt and then let it air dry without touching it. The curls are then beautifully defined and fluffy!
  3. As a normal body lotion: Of course, you can just apply the cream on dry skin. But then it is really intense. The oily film may be a bit too greasy for you, but I think you can decide that for yourself.
  4. As an intensive care for very dry or porous areas: Especially in very dry places, this cream may be just the right thing and you can apply it directly on those problem places, e.g. on the knees or elbows.
  5. As a hand cream: Personally, I often have very dry hands and normal hand cream hardly helps me. That’s why I’m apply this similar to how I apply it to my body under the shower: I put some cream on my wet hands and then massage it in well. If the oily film is too strong for me, I keep my hands under running water for a short while and dry it slightly with the towel. You can also apply it directly to your dry skin of course!
  6. As an intensive foot care: the more I walk in shoes and the less barefoot in the grass (or on the beach haha), the drier my soles become. In fact, the more I walk barefoot the more beautiful my feet are. This is of course difficult in a big city, that’s why the intensive cream is perfect for this!
  7. As a lip care: I don’t really have a problem with dry lips, so I don’t have so much experience with this, but I can imagine that the cream would help with dry lips!


The advantages of this cream:

  • You know exactly what’s inside. Many of you told me that you have sensitive skin and that you want to avoid alcohol in cosmetics. If you know exactly what is good for your skin, then you can easily make many care products yourself! Especially when it comes to oil-based products that are easy to preserve (because everything with water quickly goes bad). If you you are not a fan of shea butter, you can replace it with an alternative such as cocoa butter. You just have to play around a bit.
  • You can put together your own favorite fragrance. Lemongrass is my preference. But lavender, rosemary, orange, etc., also work of course. Many different, good essential oils can be found here.
  • You will save a large amount of plastic packaging
  • The buttery consistency makes the application fun and feels like a mini-spa experience
  • There are so many uses for one cream! The cosmetics industry wants to constantly sell us products, so that we end up buying 100 different products for different uses. But less is more in terms of beauty too!


I hope that the many purposes and the ease of making it have convinced you to finally try the cream yourself! Let me know if you have any questions!


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    1. You should definitely try it! I am not sure how long exactly. You would usually smell it when the oils go a bit off. It never happened to me yet. I had one for 2-3 months. But if you are unsure you can always store it in the fridge. Then it just gets a bit harder, but still works well! 🙂 Have fun trying it!

    1. Oh yes, Ich muss auch zugeben, dass sie für mich auch immer suuuuper lecker aussah und ich aufpassen musste, dass ich sie nicht verkoste, haha. Obwohl die Inhaltsstoffe unbedenklich sind. Shea Butter wird in manchen Ländern auch zum Kochen verwendet. Viel Spaß beim Probieren!

  1. Man kann einfach 1/3 der sheabutter schmelzen lassen und sie dann zusammen mit dem Rest aufschlagen, dann klumpt sie nicht (klappt auch mit unraffinierter). Ich nutze die Creme fürs Gesicht, da Sheabutter auch super für unreine Haut und Akne geeignet ist. Als Öl habe ich dann aber kein Kokosöl genommen sondern nur Wildrosenöl. Auch das ätherische Öl habe ich weggelassen für die Gesichtspflege. Auf die leicht feute Haut (z.B. mit Rosenwasser) angewandt ist die Creme ein Traum 🙂 Danke für die Inspiration!

  2. Hey Lila,
    Ich habe dein Rezept auf Pinterest gefunden und mich gerade mal dran gemacht.
    Sollen kleine selbstgemachte, nachhaltige Weihnachtsgeschenke werden.
    Erst einmal GANZ lieben Dank für das Rezept und die tolle Idee!
    Ich habe mich, was selten vorkommt, genau an dein Rezept gehalten, hab gemixt und aufgeschlagen, was der Mixer her gab. Aber ich habe die Bodybutter NICHT fest und fluffig bekommen.
    Hat eher die Konsistenz einer sehr flüssigen Lotion.
    Was hab ich falsch gemacht?
    Vielen Dank schon einmal für deine Hilfe.

  3. Huhu. Danke für das schöne Rezept. Hast du Mal probiert Zucker oder Salz dazu zu geben sodass es ein Peeling und Creme Effekt hat? Würde ich gerne Mal probieren, bin mir nur nicht sicher an welcher Stelle ich es hinzu geben soll.
    Liebe Grüße, Lisa