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One of the most asked questions I get regarding ethical fashion is if I have any tips for ethical dresses for wedding guests, or prom dresses. When I think of wedding guest dresses, I think of fine, delicate fabrics and prints, flattering cuts for different body types, as well as designs that do not require any additional accessories. But I have to say, quite honestly, that the selection in this niche is not that great. 

But here are some of my tips: first of all, if possible, think twice about whether or not you already have something suitable hanging in your closet. With some new accessories or shoes, the outfit may look quite different than how you styled it before. Or ask a friend if you can borrow a dress. Also you could try borrowing a designer dress via a service such as Tradesy, for example. As a next step, I would consider buying some second hand. If at that point you still didn’t find anything suitable, then I recommend buying something new. As you know, my motto is “Shop Less”.

Disclaimer: I also wanted to say that I included some very expensive options. Chic dresses with lots of details (if they were made ethically and sustainably) are simply more elaborate in their production. I still tried to inlcude a variety of price categories. In addition, I also used some shops from the UK and a shop from the United States, but since I have already ordered there, I did not want to omit this completely. I hope there is something for everyone:

Classic & Summery

When I think of wedding guest dresses, I immediately think of cute floral dresses that you can wear all summer long! White, black and bright red are usually taboo for most weddings, but be sure to ask for a dress code. Because at a wedding in New York, for example, a long, black dress was almost mandatory due to the black tie dress code! Here are a few wonderful options, many of which I think are affordable. But don’t be surprised, a few super chic models are very expensive:





Minimal Chic

Not everyone likes flowers and ruffles and that’s why I’ve also put together a category for those who prefer simple fabrics and cuts. With the right accessories and styling, the look can quickly become an eye-catcher, if you want that is! I recommend, for example, Statement necklaces, exciting earrings or a bold lip color to compliment these wonderful designs:



Also nice but not pictured: Savannah dress on Showroom


Black Tie Wedding Chic:

As mentioned above, two years ago I was at a wedding where the Dress Code was Black Tie. This usually includes floor-length, chic dresses that would feel at home on a red carpet. A safe choice would be a long, black, chic dress. Here, black, a color that is usually taboo for weddings, was almost mandatory. I have rarely heard of such a dress code in Germany, but maybe this selection helps you with other chic events:



Rehearsal Dinner / Chic Cocktail Event:

Again, this is not necessarily about dresses for a wedding, but options for an event with a chic dress code, for example, at a rehearsal dinner, a cocktail reception or similar:



Blouses to style:

If all else fails, it’s often enough to simply combine a chic skirt and a chic blouse. At my best friends wedding 6 years ago, I simply combined a chic skirt, which I already had in my closet, with a white boho blouse. That suited the occasion perfectly and I felt very comfortable in my outfit. Anyway, don’t worry too much, in the end the bride should shine and one should only make sure to dress appropriately, as well as dress up a bit to show that the occasion is important to you. The following blouses would pair well with a chic, black pencil skirt, for example. Paired with fancy high heels, your look is complete:



Or if you are thinking about going that second hand route, here are a few pieces to choose from. But swapping clothes or checking out a vintage shop near you of course makes more sense. But here, for inspiration:


Was there something for you? I know not all pieces are easy to get and some are very expensive too. Unfortunately, I did not find any very cheap, but also fair, alternatives. If you are on a very tight budget then borrowing or second hand would probably be the best option for you. It is also the most sustainable option! If I find any more options, I’ll just add the links below. I am looking forward to your feedback!

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