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Happy Monday!!! I hope you had a great start to the new week! I’ll definitely try to relax as much as possible over the next few days, as last week was really busy – in a good way! It was Ethical Fashion Week here in Berlin and of course I wanted to see as much as possible! I’ll tell you exactly what happened, what trend forecasts I can now make as an incredible professional fashion expert (cough, sarcasm, but I’ll do my best!), all outfit details and why I almost always had a personal photographer around me!

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this blogpost, but was invited as press to Fashion Week and am reporting about my experience. The fact that I’ll mention brands is simply due to the nature of this press event and the fact that there were also a few other events happening around the fair. I was paid to do the Instagram Story Takeover for one event, I explained that again below, but as I said, not for this blogpost! Therefore, I do not mark this post as advertising, because I was not given any money or goods to write it, but I am writing it as a press visit. That’s the most transparent solution for me.

Monday, Office Day & Visit from Justine und Alex

Monday I had to wait for a new piece of furniture at home and had a long office day. And I have prepared our apartment for an important visit: it’s slowly becoming a tradition that Justine and Alex sleep at my place for fashion week and during every visit to Berlin! Actually, I probably should give them their own drawer! In the past few months, I’ve seen the two of them more often than some friends in Berlin, even though the two come from Vienna! We had such a good time together, because we all get along so well! Justine also brought Alex for Fashion Week as her Instagram Husband (of course: P) and since they borrowed the camera from my fiancé, I joined them as a Sister-Instagram-Wife, haha 🙂 (sorry people, my jokes are kind of bad today, I’ll stop now).

On Friday, Jesse came back from Malaysia and all four of us could enjoy the day together, but more about that below! If you do not want to scroll, here’s the video of my outfits and the caption from the video (here) has all outfit details – but in German!

Tuesday – Ethical Fashion Week Day 1

After a really long conversation about fashion, style and ethical fashion Justine and I decided to come up with the most stunning outfits ever. But after taking a look at the weather forecast (minimum of 28 degrees Celcius) and at our calendars (constant location changes back and forth), but also on our very basic wardrobe our choices were very limited. After what felt like 8 hours of changing of clothes we finally headed to the Kraftwerk, where the Green Showroom was and where we wanted to visit the Fashion Changers Lounge. But first a few outfit shots:


Outfit Details: Shirt, Hati Hati apparel (self bought), pants, Webandits (self bought), vegan shoes (Good Guys, blogger discount), vegan bag, Denise Roobol (blogger discount), jewellery, Taj Amsterdam (PR Sample) 

Then I had an appointment with a potential, super interesting client (I hope I can tell more about it soon, but it would be amazing if that works out, also for you super exciting, I’m pretty sure). Relatively late, I was finally able to visit the Fashion Changers Lounge, to meet a few new and old faces from the ethical fashion scene and to check out a few sustainable collections. I was also able to make a little trip to the actual fair, but suddenly I was SO hungry and had to quickly find something to eat. At 6 pm, the shuttle continued to the Green Showroom Selected Fashion Show at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Unfortunately, the vegan selection at the fair was really bad and there was only one quinoa salad (not the biggest quinoa fan) with seaweed (I do not like it either) packed in plastic. But at least I had something in my stomach and we made our way to the shuttle. The show location was awesome and we also had pretty good seats in the third row. Unfortunately, the stands were quite low, so we could not take the best pictures, but I think a few impressions are enough for you, right? I went there with Hanna, Talisa, Nicole from Homenest and of course with Justine and Alex!

ethical fashion week

I thought the show was ok, most people around me were enthusiastic, but I wasn’t blown away to be honest. Sorry!!! Since all brands were mixed and they all had different styles, I could never see a clear, consistent aesthetic, which I always liked at shows, and I felt like the whole show was rather autumnal and wintery, although summer looks were presented. There were many individual pieces that I found amazing! Unfortunately I cannot tell you by who they were exactly because of the mixed presentation. Here are a few photos Alex took:

ethical fashion week

ethical fashion week

Afterwards we went back to the Kraftwerk to attend the Ginger Party by Weleda and Lanius (not paid!). I will write an extra blogpost about that so I’m not gonna write too much about it here. But it was really VERY nice!!! By the way, even though Jesse was in Malaysia, I didn’t have to go home and sleep alone: Talisa stayed with me and it was so nice to finally have a girl friend over for an sleepover!

Incidentally, we also managed to take some pretty funny outtakes, I saved these two for you, haha:


Wednesday – Ethical Fashion Week Day 2

The second day of Fashion Week started perfectly! A few other bloggers and myself were invited to a brunch by Weleda, which was truly one of the best breakfast events ever!

But let’s rewind for a second: As you have read now, Alex and Justine were sleeping at my place during the week, Talisa has stayed with me for a night AND I still have a roommate, who ALSO had a friend of ours over to visit that night! Still, we all somehow managed to get ready in time despite one bathroom (we all had to leave almost all at the same time). I still don’t get how we managed to make it work, it’s kind of a mystery, haha.

But back to the Weleda brunch: we had vegan blueberry pancakes, asparagus salad with edamame, strawberry and watermelon salad, chia pudding, avocado and more! We ate so, so much, because it was so damn tasty and because we knew that there was nothing great at the fair!

After that, I finally had time to stroll around the fair for an hour. Of course, that was not nearly enough time, but at 2pm the Community Talk took place in the Fashion Changers Lounge, and Justine was speaking! A must-do event for me and I also think the community talks are always amazing there! At 3pm I took over the Fashion Changers Instagram Stories and guys, that was SO much fun, but it was also so hard to do a takeover for someone else’s stories. I wanted to do an amazing job but that often puts me under a lot of pressure and stress (but I really didn’t have to stress myself, it was all self-inflicted). If I do something like that again, then I definitely have to chill more 🙂

In the evening I had to take pictures and videos with Alex before Alex and Justine had to go to the Wunderwerk event. I was done, starving (again no lunch, just snacks) and decided to go out to eat with Talisa and then go home without any further events! I was able to work on the laptop for a little bit, but I was so exhausted and went to bed relatively early. Here is my look of the day:

Outfit Details: blazer, old, shirt, Jan’n June (PR Sample), skirt, Maas Natur (PR Sample), necklace, People Tree (PR Sample), bag, Pixie Mood (self bought)

Thursday – Fashion Week Day 3

I also wanted to go to bed early, as I had an important appointment the next day: Justine and I were booked for an Instagram story and Instagram live takeover for Hessnatur (advertisement, but I was paid only for the Instagram takeover, not for this blogpost) and since I knew how exhausting that is (exhausting is relative, doing stories does not sound exhausting per se, but I always want to do my best and during events I don’t want to miss a good moment – similar to Event Photography!), I wanted to be fit and ready for it! It was about the Fair Fashion Move, which went from Alexanderplatz to the Kraftwerk and in my opinion the Move was a complete success! The atmosphere was great, people were in a good mood, the music by DJ Markus was great and all outsiders found the demo exciting and took many pictures of us! That was so great because we wanted to make more people aware about the topic of ethical fashion!

So Justine and I took over the Hessnatur channel, and buzzed through the crowd, making videos and photos, recording live Instagram videos, conducting interviews, and trying to capture as much as possible for everyone who couldn’t be there. You can still find our takeover in the highlights of the Hessnatur Instagram account! The great photos are all from Alex

Then there was a rally at the Kraftwerk, which was delayed a bit, and we finished with the Move at around 3pm. Then I had to take a few more pictures and videos and then had very little time left for the fair. Nevertheless, Justine and I used the time wisely (the fair was only open until 5) and looked around. Below I share with you my highlights and as I said, also a few trend forecasts, haha 🙂 

Outfits: The Fashion Move went through the midday heat, so I was SO sweaty in the afternoon! But since I had already thought of that, I just took out my second outfit to change. So for the third day there are two outfits. Outfit Numero Uno:


Outfit details: Shirt, Hessnatur (PR sample), dress, Jan’n June, Shoes, Boboheme

My second outfit:

Outfit details: Shirt, Souldaze Collection (PR sample), skirt, Kokoworld (PR sample), hat, vintage.

Friday – Fashion Week Ends

Friday the Fashion Week was already over (don’t ask me why it is always called Fashion WEEK in Berlin since it’s only a few days), and I was FINALLY back to my morning workout routine. I was able to take Alex with me and I tell you, it’s so much easier to work out with a Gym buddy! After that I had an appointment with Julian and Margot from the Eco-blog Bloomers Eco from France (definitely check it out, such a great duo!!!) and then I worked all day long on my Fashion Week Videoas I really wanted it to be online on Saturday. In the evening I was very excited, as Jesse FINALLY came back to Berlin after two weeks of working in Malaysia! We cooked all together because Jesse wanted a homemade dinner, but somehow we messed up the sauce, haha ​​:) It was still very delicious, but Justine and I made the jetlagged Jesse another special peanut sauce!

And with that the fashion week was already over! By the way, most of the photos are by Alex, some by myself and Justine! I’m curious what you think 🙂

News & Trends

To be honest, I didn’t have that much time to introduce myself to every booth and look around. In addition, the fair itself is more intended for buyers who want to order for the summer of 2019. At many stands, I was not even allowed to take pictures, which of course makes the reporting more difficult for me. Also I’m pretty shy and uncomfortable at these events. But as I said, the fair is actually for buyers who have to plan long in advance. For me, as well as for you, it is only semi-exciting to know what will happen in 8-10 months in the shops. Nevertheless, a mini-trend forecast does not hurt. A few things that I noticed:

  • Almost every label had yellow key pieces, so next summer the bold color will be everywhere!
  • Warm colors are all in trend in spring and summer next year! Usually we see dark red, warm beige and other similar, warm tones only in autumn and winter. But earthy tones will come to the shops in the warm months next year! Personally, I am looking forward to it!
  • I could hardly spot bright red as a key piece, but rather magenta shades like lilac or rosé 
  • Regarding the cuts, I’ve discovered more loose designs that still look feminine and playful with their patterns, belts, pretty straps and similar
  • I also discovered a few modified kimono styles, like a kimono style blazer, or super long, loose cardigans made of linen. That may sound very abstract, but you’ll see what I mean next year:) 

Warm colors for summer everywhere:

Lilac and its shades as the trend color 2019:


I hope this post gave you a bit of a feel for the Fashion Week and I appreciate your feedback!!! Thanks also to Alex for the great pictures, without which I could not have written this long post! What do you enjoy reading about the Fashion Week? The background stories, trends for the next year, impressions of the shows, or my outfits? 

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    1. Uh freut mich, auch dass dir die Trendanalyse gefällt! Ich glaube der Kimono-Style wird echt noch mega wichtig nächstes Jahr und das Tolle: man findet dazu sehr viel Second Hand oder kann auch viele DIYs machen, ich hab schon viele Ideen! 🙂