Bread and Butter, Berlin 2012 (here the entrance hall)

 The Bread and Butter is a trade fair for different clothing brands. Bigger labels like G-Star, Wrangler and others were represented and had a big booth on the fair. But also smaller labels and up and coming new designers presented their latest innovations. But first of all I wanted to show you the amazing location. The Bread and Butter was held at the old inoperative Berlin Tempelhof Airport and therefore the whole fairground was huge!!! I was not able to visit all the booths, not even able to visit the whole area! I saw some really cool new designs but more on that on another post!

In the entrance hall, Bread and Butter staff was handing out goodie bags on an old baggage belt.

You only get a glimpse here of how big the fair was. Above you can see the Tempel of Denim (7 for all Mankind had a booth there, too) and a nice chill out zone in front of it that was much needed!

The outside area on the Airport’s old runway. You were able to relax there in the sun, get a massage or something to eat. But I have to say, the food choices weren’t so spectacular (you get so much better food in Kreuzberg for example) and ridiculously expensive. But I guess food is not so important for fashionistas and most of the people there were visiting the fair for work reasons, so the prices didn’t matter to them I guess. Next time I will bring a lunch box 😉

Yes, I don’t know, so random. That was an installation in front of a booth, but I didn’t get it…It’s a real girl by the way. Her job was to sit there and read.

More photos soon! 




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