Today I want to introduce you to a blog that I discovered only some months ago and that became quickly one of my favorites: Adenorah! I love Anne-Laure’s easy going style that combines neutral and bright colors so laid back and uncomplicated! She is from France and absolutely adorable! AND she seems to share the same passion for hats as me! Great minds think alike 😉
I did a little interview with her (Thank you so much Anne-Laure!!!), so enjoy it and her other outfit photos!!! I have to say I am inspired by her style.

Heute will ich euch einen tollen Blog vorstellen, den ich erst vor ein paar Monaten entdeckt habe, der aber schnell zu einem meiner Favoriten geworden ist: Adenorah! Ich liebe Anne-Laure’s lässigen Stil. Sie kombiniert neutrale und grelle Farbtöne so locker miteinander, dass es einfach Spaß macht, sich ihre Outfits anzuschauen! Sie kommt aus Frankreich und es scheint, dass sie mit mir dieselbe Leidenschaft für coole Mützen teilt 🙂
Ich habe ein kleines Interview mit ihr gemacht (Danke Anne-Laure!!!0, also habt Spaß es zu lesen und schaut euch ihre weiteren Outfit Bilder an! Ich muss sagen, ihr Stil inspiriert mich!

– when and why did you start your blog? 
I started my blog in 2009 just to show that you can have style without spending too much.

– what is your favorite blogger experience since you have your fashion blog? 
My favorite experience is to create my collection, it is just 3 pieces, a skirt, a jacket and a jumper but it’s like a dream to imagine clothes which will be produced.

– is there something you don’t like about blogging? 
To answer emails just beacause it takes me a long time .

– do you have any special future plans for your blog? If yes, which ones? 
Nothing special but I’m trying to translate everything into English for my foreign readers.

– what are your other hobbies besides fashion and blogging? Do you have any other passions? 
Of course, I love painting and swimming.

 – where would you like to travel to? 
My last trip was California, it was so crazy, I think my next travel will be New York.

How do you like her blog? Did you already hear about her?

Wie findet ihr ihren Blog? Kanntet ihr ihn schon?



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