Shirt and pink tanktop, H&M. Shorts, American Apparel DIY cut offs. Base cap, Ripcurl.

Hey my lovees!! Are you bored of the beach photos yet? I hope not! There are more to come! Here we were at Cape St. Francis beach. It was pretty windy, but still really beautiful and we enjoyed the beach (until lunch and then the clouds came…). I love this white top by H&M, it has such a great unusual cut that I did not expect from H&M.

And by the way, it’s just a fake tattoo 🙂 I got it from Fake Tattoos and it’s a great way to try out having a tattoo without it lasting forever (they have an amazing choice!). I know now that I don’t want a colorful tattoo but a small black one. But I would like one at the same location at the side. Do you have tattoos?



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