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My visit to the States was not really sustainable. The flight alone made me feel bad. In addition, it was super hard to avoid disposable plastic waste. Even if we ordered coffee or another drink “To Stay”, they only served us plastic cups. In some restaurants there was only plastic cutlery, even if we ate the food in the restaurant, or we sat at the table and were served.

At the same time, it was also a big motivator of mine to pay more attention to Zero Waste or at least Less Waste, but there were also some happy moments: A café in Huntington, which had a kind of “warning” next to the straws, some talks and discussions with like minded people, and a visit to the Package Free Shop by Lauren Singer in Brooklyn, NY. There I scored some reusable make-up removal pads and a safety razor with a movable head. In Berlin we also have wonderful opportunities to buy everyday helpers for a Zero or Less Waste lifestyle.

Please note: This blogpost contains affiliate links, these are explained below and marked with *.

But not everyone lives in a big city and that’s why I wanted to share with you today my favorite online shops for Zero Waste products, with which you can easily and incidentally reduce your plastic use. Disclaimer: I was not paid for this blog post, but a few links are affiliate links. I have marked each of these and you canr ead more about what that means at the bottom of this post. I also wanted to make it clear that I do not live a Zero Waste lifestyle. But I personally find the topic but important and I think that everyone can at least relate to the motto Less Waste.

Original Unverpackt*

Thanks to Milena Glimbovski and her shop I was introduced to the subject of Zero Waste. I have shopped several times in the original unpacked shop in Kreuzberg. There I sometimes stock up on basic foods like rice, nuts and the like. The store also offers some Zero Waste everyday supplies, such as Eco bread boxes, stainless steel straws and more. There is also an online shop, which I can highly recommend! Here you will find everything from vegan floss, to information books to a HappyPo shower. And with the code OUHEYLILAHEY you receive 10% off!

A big focus is also on DIY sets that you can use to make cosmetics as well as cleaning products yourself. A great idea!


Here I really like to rummage in the search with the keyword “Zero Waste”. Yes, not everything is 100% plastic-free and local, but you can contact the shop operators them directly and find out how and where the products are manufactured and shipped. Here is a small but great selection of handmade European Zero Waste Helpers (Affiliate Links):

Ultra Green*

The products in this shop make the transition to a plastic-free life very easy. All plastic-free products that you can buy here serve a good purpose in everyday life. From plastic-free cosmetics to household items.


I’ve already ordered quite a bit from Monomeer. I think the shop is very well laid out and I can find almost everything I need here. I especially recommend the household towels, the office utensils and the Zero Waste floss.


Here you will find everything to do with drinking bottles, cutlery, cups and bread boxes! Howevere, I’m unsure if everything always comes packaged plastic-free. Please ask before ordering!


A similar offer to Kivanta can be found at Laguna!

Tante Olga Zero Waste Laden

The shop offers everything related to bath & body care, kitchen & food, office & school, cleaning, home & living, garden and pets.


The online shop of blogger Louisa Dellert is full of products such as eco-sponges, washable coffee filters and more! A visit to the site is definitely worth it!


Memo is the right address for office supplies! As soon as I need new utensils, paper, sticky notes, pens etc., I will take a closer look here! If I were still employed in the office, I would definitely introduce the shop during a team meeting.


If you are looking for soaps, solid shampoos & deodorants, you will find it at Sauberkunst. The shop offers vegan and palm oil-free soaps and emphasizes quality ingredients and handcrafted products.

Toilet paper

If you’re wondering where to get toilet paper that’s not wrapped in plastic, check out Smooth Panda. There is also a toilet paper subscription, so super easy everything 🙂 Yes, it is not so cheap, but maybe paired with the HappyPo shower a less waste solution?


International Shops:

This list above was very Germany-focused, but here are some recommendations for my international readers:


Of course, it is best to buy locally, to avoid unnecessary shipping and returns. But I still think it’s great, how many options there are online, especially if you have no other options close to you, or things are sold out, etc.

What other tips do you have? Where do you like to buy unpacked? What are your Zero Waste tips?

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