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People ask me on Instagram so often about Vegan and fair backpacks for the university and school! that I decided to write a blogpost entirely about the different options.

I missed the start of the school and university year, but I think it’s always worth a look for a smart and practical backpack! Today’s recommendations are, in my opinion, suitable for school, university and work! All of them are vegan and as sustainable as possible. Honestly, I’m not 100% sure about just how sustainable the bags from the brand Matt & Nat really are. But from my own experience, I know that they are very durable!

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this blog post and did not receive anything other form of compensation to write this blog post. Some links include affiliate links. YOu can read more about exactly what affiliate links are at the bottom of the post.

Let’s start with my favorite vegan and fair backpacks for university & such. You will find a variety of different designs, materials, prices and sizes. Actually, I think there is something for everyone:

  1. Cubik backpack, Pinqponq (Affiliate Link), 119,90 Euro, 100% recycled polyester
  2. Chanda backpack, Matt & Nat in the color “Fig” (Affiliate Link) – 150 Euro, Inner lining made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Upper material from PU and PVC, I couldn’t find any other info about the upper material.
  3. Brave backpack, Matt & Nat in the color “Clay” (Affiliate Link) – 150 Euro, see info above.
  4. July backpack, Matt & Nat in the color “Olive” (Affiliate Link) – 140 Euro, upper material recycled nylon.
  5. City Bag, Nine to Five – 149 Euro, handbag, backpack and shoulder bag in one, 100% vegan, made out of cotton OEKO-TEX certified.
  6. Vintage Backpack, Ahimsa – 165 Euro, made out of cotton, has lots of space and has a dedicated spot for a laptop (till 15 inches)
  7. Mini Backpack, Verena Bellutti, 129 Euro –  All products by Verena Bellutti are made out of upcycled materials – sustainable, vegan and long lasting!
  8. Hajo Stealth backpack, Ucon Acrobatics (Affiliate Link), 69,90 Euro, 100% recycled polyester
  9. Backpack, Verena Bellutti, 110 Euro – see above!
  10. Love & Soul backpack, Kaliber Fashion, 98 Euro, Oekotex100 certified vegan leather and cotton.
  11. Bag, denkefair, 49,90 Euro, linen & cotton, handmade in Germany.
  12. Aries backpack, Matt & Nat (Affiliate Link), 150 Euro, see info above.


Which backpack is your favorite? Are you also looking for a new, fair and vegan backpack? Was I able to offer you a bit of inspiration and help with my list?

I am looking forward to your feedback!

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  1. Ich habe letztes Wochenende auf einem kleinen veganen Straßenfest ein cooles Startup kennengelernt. Die beiden Gründer haben ihren Camper verkauft, um vegane Rucksäcke aus Kork herzustellen, ‘Sperling Bags’. Cool, dass es in dem fairen und veganen Bereich immer mehr Auswahl gibt 🙂