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Aaaaages ago Justine from the blog Justinekeptcalmandwentvegan tagged me to also answer 15 questions about my beauty secrets. No clue why it took me 1.5 years to answer them. I even started writing the blogpost (but now had to update some of my answers, you will see which ones below), but somehow never finished.

But today is finally the day that I answer the 15 questions about my (organic and natural) beauty secrets.

beauty geheimnisse

  1. What beauty secrets did you learn from your mom?

My mom always showed me how important it is to nourish your skin regularly with good and natural products. She regularly uses body lotion and usually natural cosmetics from companies such as Weleda or Lavera. In addition, she taught me to focus on quality over quantity.

  1. Do you have a morning beauty routine? If yes, what does that look like?

Not really because every morning is different for me so I don’t really have a routine – sometimes I’ll take lots of time to put my makeup on, while other times I will go with the no-makeup look. It is always important to me to use a rich day cream and eye cream, as well as concealer. Instead of a morning routine, I have an evening routine: I always thoroughly remove my makeup, either with argan oil, or with gentle cleansing products, such as the products by Amo Como Soy. After that, a night cream is very important to me, for example the one from Lavera.

  1. From hair tie to tweezers: what are your 3 unbeatable everyday helpers?
  • My Buff Brush by Ilia, which really blends everything perfectly
  • Fine cotton cloths that I use to remove my make-up
  • My fan brush, which I use to apply more intense products, such as a strong shimmering highlighter, discreetly on my cheeks


  1. From manicures to eyelash extensions: Which beauty ritual do you do regularly?

I have no ritual. I would like to be a person who regularly gets eyelash extensions or goes spray-tanning (really!), but somehow I always have more important things to do 🙂

  1. I would like to look this way every day – this is why:

Freshly showered after a day at the beach – simply because my skin is most beautiful and my curls are super bouncy from the salt water.

  1. Pimples, dry spots and Co: Your little beauty problem – and what helps you against it?

Argan oil is the best product for my skin and hair. Unfortunately, my last bottle is empty so it’s time to get some more of the magic oil soon! Ha, since I wrote that I was in Morocco and got a good supply of 100% argan oil (affiliate link)! For dandruff, my best bet is to use Khadi Hair Balm (Affiliate Link) and Lava Earth from Cosmundi (Affiliate Link) as a shampoo.

  1. In no time: which hairstyle is your favorite – and how do you get it?

I never actually wear a hairstyle, somehow that does not work so well with my curls. If I style my hair then I just tie a half ponytail at the back of my head.

  1. We all know about cucumber masks and lemon juice peeling: What DIY tip do you have for us?

My DIY whipped body lotion is currently my favorite and my DIY deodorant works really well!

  1. What else helps?

Do not stress too much, I notice that immediately on my skin. And sometimes I just accept that my hormones are going crazy and that I will not have such beautiful skin for a few days.

  1. Creams and jars are well and good: What do you pay attention to besides beauty products?

I tell myself almost every day that I need to drink more. Unfortunately, this rarely works! I try to eat as balanced as possible. Because beautiful skin comes, in my opinion, for the most part from the inside. For example, sugar and stress, as mentioned above, are hard on my skin.

  1. The most expensive product that you have in the cupboard?

My Tata Harper eye cream. I brought it with on the world tour and it is still not empty! Since I wrote this the cream is, unfortunately, finished, but that really took forever. I got it as a sample, but I am seriously consider buying it. I am still thinking about it! The Tata Harper products are seriously amazing!!

  1. How do you take care of your face after a night of partying?

Haha I don’t! My eyes are and just stay swollen after a party night. But of course I try to do something: lots of water, preferably a refreshing shower directly after getting up, then a delicious matcha and then a fresh makeup look with lots of concealer and fresh cheeks.

  1. Subject “Anti-Aging”: Do you do something for this? If yes what?

Oh yes, I have been for several years now. It is important to me that my skin is always well moistened and for that I also like to spend a bit more money on good creams. I try not to pull my skin when applying make-up or make-up removal and I always use night cream. A healthy diet plays an important role in my opinion. In addition, I do not smoke and drink very little alcohol. I do not pay attention to constant 100% sun protection, but rather not to be too much in the sun, to sit in the shade, to put suncream on my face regularly, to cover my shoulders, to use big sunglasses, etc. I try to fine a balance between skin protection and cancer prevention while ensuring a good intake of vitamin D. I recommend this article on the Amazingy blog, which summarizes my thoughts well!

  1. Make-up muffle or Pingelchen? – If the latter: how and with what do you remove your make up?

Make-up removal is, as mentioned above, very important for me. I love argan or olive oil for make-up removal. Apart from that, there are a few products that I also like very much: I + M, Amo Como Soy and the Micelle Water from Logona.

  1. Who should answer this questionnaire next?

I would like Anina from Aniahimsa to answer the questionnaire as she lives a great healthy and vegan lifestyle and I bet we can learn a lot more from her!!


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beauty geheimnisse beauty geheimnisse

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  1. Interessanter Einblick 🙂 Ich achte penibel jeden Abend darauf, dass ich mich ordentlich abschminke und meiner Haut eine gute Creme oder pures Oliven- oder Kokosöl gebe, so dass sie am nächsten Morgen schön genährt und strahlend aussieht.