Shirt, von zipper. Pants, H&M. Bag, Zara. Shoes, Bronx.

 About a week ago we had this amazing wine tasting experience in Stellenbosch that is about half an hour away from Cape Town. We went to three different vineyards and they were all really chic and pretty! One had it’s wine tasting room on a little island in a lake! We tried many different wines, even some heavy red wines even though I don’t like them 🙂 They were probably really expensive and exquisite but I had to cringe when I drank those, but we tried to find a good red wine for my parents. In the end we just bought the most expensive one to be on the safe side. I guess the more expensive the better counts for wine, or not?

 How do you like my colorful outfit? I mixed different shades of red with my favorite heels. They make every outfit look better and are kind of comfortable! More pictures of our wine tasting experience after the jump!!!



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  1. When searching for a great tasting wine, you can never go wrong with Chianti. Pair it with Fontina, Mozarella, or Provolone cheeses, which complement the taste of an Italian Chianti, and you’ll be in a total nirvana of flavors. Your parents will love it! Give red wine a second chance and let me know what you think. B)

    Corey Glenn

    1. thank you!!! Next time I will try red wines again, I am just a white wine fan and I found the most amazing ones in South Africa! I cannot wait to go back there!!!
      Are you from South Africa? Where are you from? Are you on Facebook?