Vintage Leather Shorts,  Zipper. Tights & Tanktop, H&M.  Shoes, noname.

Amazing details on the back of the tights, perfect fitting vintage leather shorts (I looove them), and cheap but awesome shoes.

Thaaaank you so much for your sweet comments! They really make my day and it is awesome that you like my art! I will post more of it after my exam.
I will be so happy when my exam on friday is over, cause I will have more time for other projects – enjoying the pre-Christmas magic, painting and reorganising my room.



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  1. AHH those boots are fantastic, so jealous. And I won’t even get started on your legs haha.
    Thanks so much for your comment by the way, it’s nice to know my posts are being read. Follow me if you like, I know I’m following you 😉

    xoxo, gossip girl