Ok, definitely too rainy to do an outfit post. So here another one of my paintings, enjoy them as long as I am inspired ­čÖé sometimes I don’t draw or paint for weeks.

But I will promise to do an outfit picture soon! Even if it rains I will shoot, haha, will be awesome!

Talking of outfit, fashion and so on: For you New Yorkers: Check out the upcoming event taking place tomorrow in …, ya, don’t know what that part of Manhattan is called. Anyway Sense of Fashion will open a Pop Up Store located at 156 Stanton St, NY Nov. 11th from 6-9pm at the We The People Store.
More infos here.

┬áWhy do I want you to go there? I would really really like to go there because a friend of mine is selling her designs there. Her label is called micamade and I showed a jacket designed by her on my blog here. And if you look really close on her website, you will see me modelling for her ­čÖé

Bisous and have a great day,


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