The last three days it is just raining, so I couldn’t take any outfit pictures. Taking them inside is not so much fun as outside. The weather was just too bad. The pros for the rain are that it is a bit warmer than usual and that it is a great excuse to just sit inside, drink tea, watch videos and spend some time for your hobbies.
That is why I had so much time drawing and painting lately. I need a good inspiration to create a piece that I really like. Today I spent my time on painting two bloggers: Rumi from Fashion Toast and Vanessa from The Haute Pursuit. I used completely different styles of painting on these pictures.

I did an aquarelle for Rumis outfit that was really soft and airy. Perfect for water colors:

And for Vanessa’s outfit for Halloween I used basic pens:

That is basically what I did today, besides drinking yummy tee, cooking and watching Vampire Diaries (I have to admit, I love Vampire/Werewolves/Supernatural-Shows). I hope you enjoy my art!



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