Shoes, MIA. Shorts & bag, Zara. Top, American Apparel.

This is what I wore to my first day at Berlin Fashion Week. It’s pretty easy and relaxed, nothing fancy, glittery or sparkly. But I wanted to wear something that I felt comfortable in and I needed heels that I could walk in the whole day. I am a subway chic, so getting everywhere by foot means either bringing emergency flats or wearing relatively comfortable heels!
Also everyday there was a high chance of rain and thunder, so white shoes were not an option…

My first show was Frida Weyer, you saw my photos of her new collection in my last post. Somehow, Nicole and I were the luckiest girls in the world and we somehow managed to be ushered in the front row all the way in the beginning! I was the happiest girl at that moment and a dream came true. The photos just turn out so much better when you are in front row, no heads in the way, no crazy zoom.


PS: By the way I was a bit sad, that no one took photos of me in front of the tent, there were not so many photographers in general. At NYFW people took more photos! Luckily I had my great Nicole who took these outfit pics, thank you darling!!!

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