Jacket, Zara. Pants, H&M. Shoes, TJ Maxx. Bag, souvenir from Kairo. 

Oooh, I had such a nice weekend! On Friday was my birthday, so I took the day off, had a gorgeous breakfast, cooked for my party later that day, went with Jesse to a Romeo and Juliet Oil Massage, cooked more and celebrated my birthday on the terrasse with my closest friends and gorgeous vegan food I cooked. We enjoyed Mojitos and Champagne and had to flee from the terrasse already at around 9 as it was unusually cold for July. We sat inside and drank, laughed and talked till three in the morning. Such a great birthday! Photos will follow, I took lots!!!
First I wanted to post a new outfit post, as outfit pics have been rare on my blog lately, sorry! I wanted to post all the gorgeous Berlin Fashion Week photos first 🙂

I have played around with Photoshop curves a lot lately, and slooooowly I am starting to get it. It’s a great tool to edit your photos and make them look more special, vintage, different or more professional. But it’s not easy and I am still learning. But what do you think about my first Photoshop preset I ever created? I called it “faded black into blue” 🙂




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