Ramme Ring                           Cut Out Cycox Cuff                       Taduk Pendant 01 

If you read my blog regularly you know that I had a few collaborations with the jewelry label Mies Nobis in the past. Well the designer Millicent Nobis just launched her new collection and I have to say that I am even more in love with it than with the old one, and I was already the biggest fan of the past collection!

Cut-Out Claavi Ring                              Hirsch Ring Mini                           Claavi Ring

Mies Nobis was always known for the abstract raw, skeletal designs that somehow also have a very expensive, elfin and chic look.

Claavi Headband                                Cut-Out Rabben Ring                               Kepal Cuff

You have also probably already spotted Millicent’s designs on other fashion Blogs, like Zanita or Tuula Vintage. If you just discovered the designs you should quickly head over to her shop and check out her other designs. I have just picked out my 9 favorites here but I LOVE every single piece! Once my 6 month shopping ban is over I know what I will buy as a reward 🙂


PS: Der Berlin Blogger Ostercountdown ist noch im vollen Gange, wer also MEGA Preise gewinnen möchte spaziert einfach hier entlang!


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