Bikini, H&M (two different models)

Why did no one tell me that Santa Cruz is so cool? The weather was great, the beach was beautiful and the city is tiny but so fun!!! Every bar we went to was packed and cool even though it was a week day!
At the beach I tried stand up paddle board (I didn’t stand up so often, too many waves, haha) and boogie boarding – both were so much fun, did you guys ever try it? If not you have to next time you are at a beach!!! And I have a freaky-face–the-whater-is-so-cold-photo for you again in this post 🙂 just look at the next photo! I must say, I have been brave 🙂

 I like H&M bikinis the most, I can mix and match while I buy them however I like. Because, to be honest, I hate bikini shopping…who doesn’t, I mean, sometimes the top fits perfectly but the bottom doesn’t and the other way around. And in other stores they don’t let you mix and match different models and sizes, so stupid. I can’t name any friend of mine of the top of my head who has the same size for the bikini top and bottom. Anyway, mixing different models is more fun anyway 🙂 don’t you think?



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