Here another one of my illustrations with my new bamboo (I love it!!!). This time I painted one of my favorite bloggers: Kristen form Mary Jane Girl. I really love her style and I like what she writes – an inspiration and interesting blogger.

And of course some outfit pics from my Netherlands trip. You see me here in Groningen, with my ankle brace, poor ankle 🙁 but it is much better now, but no Lacrosse for me for some time…


PS: And it snowed a bit today, did you have your first snow already?


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  1. oh yes sorry,
    I should have explained it more! It is a pad with a pen, I have this version:


    Bamboo pen & touch, it comes with adobe photoshop elements.
    You have to get used to it, but it doesn’t take long. Now I can do paintings on my computer (or signatures or alterations on photos…).
    I definitely recommend it for a hobby painter like me. Don’t know if designers or illustrators would use it…