Jeans and blouse, H&M. Boots, TK Maxx. Jacket, Zara. Clutch, American Apparel. Jacket, Zara.
This was actually to be a post about trying to avoid the color black in winter, at least as far as possible. I won’t really be able to escape black, I’ve so many winter items in black. 
Anyway, a friend of mine took the photos and I put on the wrong setting…of course I only realized at home and all my photos were super grainy. Is still didn’t want to delete the photos, I liked my outfit a lot! So I edited them a bit with Photoshop curves and Lightroom. Still not the best quality, sorry! would probably say “OMG how can you do this poor quality to your readers? They will run away forever!!!”. Oh well, I hope you don’t mind and even appreciate the before and after action! After the jump you see the original pictures, big difference, isn’t it? Is it really that bad to have a bad quality post once in a while?



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