Scarf, DIY. Coat, Etam. Shoes, TJ Maxx. Olympus Pen Camera Strap, Kaza. Shorts, American Apparel. Sweater, Monki.

Helloooo guys! Two days no sign of me, hehe, I hope you missed me 🙂
I was busy studying, planning my Berlin Fashion Week Trip (going there with a probability of 95%…) and preparing for my first telephone interview for an american university! Wish me luck!!!

I made this orange scarf on my own. I did not include a tutorial because it was super easy. I just bought a long orange scarf and a furry shorter scarf on sale at H&M (together only 10 Euros!) and sewed them together by hand on the edge. Easy-peasy.
And another beauty you can gaze at here, is my new camera strap for my olympus pen ep3, my boyfriend bought it for my as a post Christmas present 🙂 It’s exactly what I wanted!!!



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