Today I am starting a new category for my blog “DIY Friday”. Fridays I will post a DIY project I did (with tutorial) or a great new DIY inspiration. Because Fridays are a good day to plan or the weekend. Here in Germany all the stores close on Sunday and early on Saturday, so you really have to plan ahead! Anyway, I hope you will enjoy this new category and I hope I will post regularly. The next weeks I can’t promise that yet, as I am moving from Bremen to Berlin in the next two weeks!!! 🙂

So enjoy this first DIY Friday 🙂

Need a pretty, affordable, easy but stunning table decoration that will amaze your guests? These paper flowers with neon edges are really easy to make and you only need some tissue paper, flower wire, a neon pen and a scissor!

After the jump you will find a tutorial on how to makes these little beauties 🙂 Hope you’ll enjoy!

What you need: 
– a sheet of 50cm x 60cm tissue paper (20×24 inches)
– a scissor
– some flower wire (depends on what you want to do with the flower)
– a glass (or similar) with a 7 cm diameter (around 3 inches)
– a highlighter (I used a neon pink on to set a bright contrast against the white paper)
– a clip (a clothespin or similar)
– a needle

1. Fold you sheet of tissue paper in half, then in half and half again until it is just a little bigger than your glass.

2. Put the class on the folded paper and draw a circle around the glass.

3. Cut out the drawn circle (afterwards clip the many sheets together if you find it easier). You will have around 45 sheets, enough for around 4 flowers.

4. Now the fun part 🙂 Use your highlighter and color the edges of the circles, be careful to color it evenly don’t be shy with how much color you put on!

5. The finished colored circle sheets 🙂 Now take 10-12 sheets to make one flower.

6. Now take your needle and poke two wholes in the middle of the circle. Pull the flower wire through one hole and back through the other hole.

7. Twist the end of the flower wire around.

8. Now start making the petals: Take the upmost circle and crumple it at the center. Really crumple them at the base of the circle but leave the colored edges alone, don’t crumple those! Repeat with the next sheet and try to scrunch up the paper randomly (see below for more pictures).

And Voila: the finished paper flower 🙂

Hope you enjoyed!!!


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