Shoes, Tj Maxx. Bag, Asos. Blouse and shoes, H&M. Jacket, Zara.

I found these amazing and comfortable Espadrilles at TJ Maxx, unfortunately I already made a hole into the tip of the fabric, so sad! I will have to fix them soon as I love them but can never wear them now 🙁

Still packing up my room and planning my new apartment, currently planning my new kitchen. It’s exciting but also really exhausting 🙂 too many options. And it is a weird feeling to know that I will leave Bremen in less than two weeks. I have lived there throughout my studies and I have made so many great friends here that I will miss. And the worst thing is that my boyfriend Jesse is not moving with me to Berlin as he found a job here in Bremen. It’s a really weird, hard, interesting, exhausting, exciting point of my life right now…




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