Coat, vintage. Shoes, from a tiny boutique in Amsterdam. Sunnies, Jeepers Creepers.

Back to Germany, back to reality…back to a really busy life right now. Today is the first day after I came back from the States ten days ago where I can finally relax. I had just an awful time on my trip from New York to Hamburg due to a little food poisoning and I was just knocked out for a day after we landed. Next, I had a busy work schedule, new jobs, working on my thesis, organizing everything at home and studying for the TOEFL test I wrote yesterday. That was no fun either, harder than I thought it would be…anyway, after the TOEFL I did a little bit of shopping, so now I am happy with my new stuff from MONKI 🙂

I bought this coat in the photos in San Francisco in a vintage store in Haight Street (of course,…THE place to find good vintage stuff) and I was actually looking for something like that with little leather (in this case faux) applications. So I was thrilled to find it that day! Perfect for this cold but sunny weather here in Bremen.

Have a great Sunday my loves! I will do some power-relaxing with self made pumpkin spiced latte and penne with vegan alfredo sauce.

More photos after the click!


PS: I have a formspring account! Don’t be shy, just ask 🙂


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