Cape, American Apparel. Cardigan, H&M. Shorts, Mango. Shoes, Goertz. Bag, F21. Scarf, Vila.

Yesterday was an awesome day. We had a lacrosse game and we won and I shot 3 goals. On our way back on the train we turned the compartment into our private disco, played music, danced and sang. We were just so happy and had fun! Sorry to you guys who had been with us on the train, we were pretty loud and embarrassing…

Anyways, it gets harder and harder in winter to take some nice pictures for my blog. First, it is sooo cold here, I have to put so many cloths on, you can’t really see what I am wearing besides an enormous amount of different layers, also it is raining A LOT lately. Second, the sun goes down between 4 and 5, and I prefer to take my photos outside. I have to think about something. But: Look at my new shoes!!! Aren’t they great?? I love them, just received the package yesterday! 

Thank you for your sweet comments on my paintings! It really made my day. Since you like it so much, I promise to post more of my art!



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