Monday January 15th, 2018
Vegan & super easy Whipped Body Butter
Whipped Body Butter

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Doesn’t this look incredibly delicious???? Since many of you asked for a new vegan beauty tutorial, I have great news: I’ve come up with the easiest beauty DIY ever for you: Whipped Body Butter!

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The recipe is sooo simple. There are actually many recipes online already, but I just wanted to test it myself. And since it worked out great on the first try and I arranged everything for a few Instagram photos anyway, I thought I’d share the DIY with you here on the blog! You only need two ingredients!!!

You need in equal parts:

  • Coconut oil (hardened, so put it in the fridge in summer)
  • Shea butter


I just measure out how many tablespoons or cups fit in my container and then use about 2/3 of that. So if I want to fill a 300ml glass, I use 100ml coconut oil (I have small measuring cups, which I use for measuring) and 100ml shea butter because the volume expands from the whipping of the oil.

Zero Waste: If on top of that you can find the ingredients package free then you can create a great zero waste beauty DIY! I found coconut oil in a glass jar that I can easily reuse for my kitchen pantry. I also saw shea butter in a metal container that you can easily be reused. In Germany we also have plastic free online shops such as Original Unverpackt, so just do some research and I make the most sustainable choice available to you! 

Whipped Body Butter

If you like, you can also add essential oils to add a nice scent! I used orange oil and vanilla extract (organic, for example from Primavera). I used 20 drops for about 200ml coconut oil and shea butter.

Just mix the coconut oil and the shea butter with a hand beater until you have a fluffy, soft cream. Just like whipped cream! Once you add the essential oils, everything smells so delicious that you really have to be careful not be tempted to taste it. But honestly, it’s not delicious at all (haha, I had to try a little … a bit embarrassing …).

Whipped Body Butter

The result: an incredibly fluffy, super deliciously scented cream (due to the essential oils), which feels like super soft whipped cream on the skin. I’m not really a fan of body lotion in general, but this one is VERY nourishing. At first it looks a bit oily on the skin, but it soaks in pretty quickly, at least for me. I always struggle with dry skin in winter so this cream is perfect for me! In addition, I can sometimes add a little bit of the cream to my curls, as coconut oil and shea butter are also super nourishing for dry hair. Just a great all-rounder!

Whipped Body ButterWhipped Body Butter

The lotion should last as long as my DIY lotion bars as the cream is not water based and the fats take a long time to spoil (as long as you work with clean utensils). But if it smells funny, then its time to toss it. This also applies to beauty products that you purchase in the store!

Just make sure to store it in a relatively cool place. In summer, the coconut oil might start to melt.

Let me know if you try the cream and how you like it!! I am absolutely thrilled about how easy it is to make and how amazing it feels on the skin!!! Have fun trying it out!

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