Friday June 1st, 2018
New: 8 stylish Ethical Fashion Brands
stylish ethical fashion

{This blogpost is also available in German / auf Deutsch – title photo by Dagny London}

Lately, I am loving checking Instagram for new ethical fashion labels and online stores. Many companies also share much more details on the app than on their website and keep us potential buyers better up to date. Since I’ve discovered some new gems of the ethical fashion scene lately, I decided to dedicate a whole blog post to these eight insider tips today. Let me know your favorite!

       stylish ethical fashion

The Collection One

The Collection One is an online shop with a natural and casual, yet fashionable style. The focus is on fashion that is durable, fits well, has a minimal environmental footprint and looks great as well! In addition to brands such as By Signe, Matt & Nat, August and more you will also find second hand clothing! Shipping to Germany costs 5.95 euros for orders under 100 euros. Click here for the shop. 

stylish ethical fashion


I discovered this shop just a few days ago and fell in love immediately! The vision of the designer is that every single piece of clothing can be worn on different occasions and you can style it in a range of different ways – real slow fashion. The Made in Copenhagen line is the brand’s most sustainable collection. The individual pieces are not cheap, but rather intended for real fashionistas than for basic lovers! But if you want to invest in special pieces click here! Shipping costs are around 12 euros for international shipments.

stylish ethical fashion

Seaside Tones

I was immediately on fire for the entire online shop! The colors, the cuts, the fabrics – the entire selection was just perfect for me! Online I found a bit of information regarding their high quality and ethical production, but not many details. I have asked if they can share more insights and as soon as I get more info I will add it here! Shipping costs 9 euros within the EU. Be sure to check out the shop here, as here in the screenshot above you only see a small selection and the pieces are really versatile!

stylish ethical fashion


Ararose immediately stands out with its young designs! But what I like best is that the website puts a lot of focus on diversity. In the online shop you will not only find one type of model, but all types of girls, sometimes with long blond hair and slim, sometimes rather masculine and then sometimes someone more on the plus size. I love it! According to the homepage, the products are produced ethically in Bangladesh, with living wages (so not a minimum wage, but a wage that ensures their existence). You can find the great online shop pictures here. Unfortunately, I could not find any information about the shipping costs.

stylish ethical fashion

Abask Clothing

Boho enthusiasts will love this online shop! From slightly flowy fabrics, loose cuts to sweet floral patterns, everything is just exactly what the Bohemian heart desires! The pieces are produced in small numbers with environmentally friendly dyeing methods and supposedly ethically in India. I already introduced the shop a few days ago, but here again a link for you. Shipping costs are unfortunately very expensive.

stylish ethical fashion


Another label with “A” 🙂 All parts of the collection are manufactured in factories in France. Demand, however, determines the supply: The website shows various designs for which customers can then place an order, a bit like in a crowdfunding campaign. As soon as a certain amount of orders are in, the designs are produced and shipped. Real slow fashion, but at least there is no overproduction. Those are the campaign products. Then there are clothes with materials that are already in stock and can be made quicker. As a third category, there are already finished pieces that can be shipped immediately. Sounds more complicated than it is, just click through here to the shop! 

stylish ethical fashion

Dagny London

Now we come to one of my favorites! Beautiful designs and cuts, but which come with a pretty high price. The label Dagny London positions itself in the luxury sector, offers super chic dresses and blouses from GOTS organic cotton and linen, as well as from Modal and Tencel fabric. The prints are also sustainable and again GOTS certified. The designs are ethically produced in Romania in a factory that is a member of the Ethical Fashion Forum. Dagny London is very open and transparent on the website, which I really appreciate! Even if the pieces are outside of your budget, look around in the online shop, the clothes are really gorgeous!

stylish ethical fashion


Another creative ethical fashion player, but also located in the high-end segment. The focus of the label WACAY lies in the quality of the designs. All pieces are designed for longevity (be it in style or in terms of the finishing), which is very important to me personally. So far, I have not found any details about the production of the pieces, but here, too, there is supposed to be a big focus on sustainability. Styles are available here in the online shop for women AND men to admire 🙂

For me, the brands were all relatively new. How about you? Did I find some new ethical fashion favorites for you? Which is your must have???


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